Keeping you safe

We’re transforming the dental journey to give you the best dental care and ensure your safety

Here are some of the ways we are making your visit safer

Virtual Consultations

Whether it’s for cosmetic treatment or an emergency, we can give you the answers you need before we meet in person

Health checks in advance

We’ll check in with you before your appointment to see if you’ve been unwell or in contact with anyone unwell - we can always reschedule if we need to

Spaced visits

We’ll only have 2 patients in the practice at one time and avoid contact between you

Less waiting time 

We’re minimising the amount of time you spend at the practice by asking you
- to fill in forms online before your appointment
- to wait in your car or somewhere nearby and calling you to come in when the dental team is ready to see you
- for payments over the phone 


We’ll be wearing masks, gloves, aprons, goggle and where necessary, respirators. You won't see our full faces but know that we're smiling and happy to see you! 

Surface disinfection and sterilisation 

We're continuing to uphold the gold standard of disinfecting all surfaces including door handles between each patients. As always, we only use rigorously sterilised or disposable instruments.


We’ll offer this to you when you arrive and after your treatment 

Antimicrobial mouthwash

Before a dentist examines your mouth, we’ll give you an antimicrobial mouthwash

Domiciliary visits

In due time following safety guidance, we will be offering dental care in the comfort of your own home. This will include check ups with scale and polish, emergency visits, temporary fillings, simple extractions or denture fittings.

Your Visit to LDC 

For your information, here's a guide of your journey through the practice



Book online, by phone or email
Please note, we only allow patients with appointments to enter the practice


Fill in forms online
All your forms will be emailed to you. Please fill them as soon as you can before your appointment


Pay in advance
We'll call you the day before to take your card payment


Wait in your car or nearby
On the day, we'll call your mobile to let you know when the practice is ready for you to come in


Leave your coat and bags in a safe place.
We'll take your temperature, give you sanitiser and an antiseptic mouthwash 


Quick check-out
No need to wait after your appointment -we'll take any outstanding payments and book your next appointment by phone


Kindly attend your appointment

- Alone, unless you must be accompanied
(e.g. minors attending with one parent)  
- Wearing a face covering for everyone's safety
- With only essential possessions
Please note we only operate a limited toilet service
Disclaimer: we are are not responsible for the loss or damage to any personal possessions brought to the practice
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