at LDC

Digitally designed for faster & more predictable
results, with a smile trial to see & feel your
new smile before it arrives

A beautiful smile, as you dreamed it would be

Composite bonding and composite veneers fill in gaps & chips and reshape teeth to give stunning results. Now with digital design from SmileFast you can design, try-on and perfect your smile before your final treatment, which takes as little as 1 hour.  

Protect your teeth

A high quality alternative to porcelain veneers that's minimally invasive and doesn't damage your teeth

Save your time

All it takes is 3 simple steps to your new smile, with the final fit taking as little as 1h.

Save your money

A simplified treatment process means that we can pass on major savings to you of 40-50%.

SmileFast can improve a range of issues including

- Small or worn-down teeth
- Gaps & chips
- Mild crowding
- Discolouration
- Acid erosion


Your new smile in as little as 3 hours spread over 3 appointments  


Design your smile

We take a digital scan and photographs. From these a design & image of your new smile that suits your face is made for you to approve


Try on your new smile

We temporarily place your trial smile over your actual teeth for you to see and feel what's to come. Here we can make final adjustments before the last step


Transform your smile

We composite bond your teeth in as little as 1 hour. The treatment is painless and you can start enjoying your smile straight away 


Finance options available
Up to 10 teeth in one treatment - contact us for further pricing

Step 1 - Design your smile

Photographs & bespoke digital smile design 


Step 2 - Try on your smile

Trial the look & feel of your new smile in real life


Step 3 - Transform your smile

Fit your new  composite veneers

4 Teeth: From £1649 or £38.34/month*

The total amount of Credit £1649
Total charge for credit £651.40
Total Amount Repayable Repayable by £2300.40
60 monthly payments of £38.34
Representative 14.9% APR.

Example based upon treatment costing £1649 repayable over 60 months. Acceptance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

6 Teeth: From £2149 or £49.97/month*

The total amount of Credit £2149
Total charge for credit £849.20
Total Amount Repayable Repayable by £2998.20
60 monthly payments of £49.97
Representative 14.9% APR.

Example based upon treatment costing £2149 repayable over 60 months. Acceptance is subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.

Teeth Whitening with SmileFast

Between your smile design and trial smile, let's brighten your teeth


Whitens teeth by up to 1-5 shades on average



EXCLUSIVE price with SmileFast
Guaranteed B1 the brightest natural shade


Why have Composite Bonding at LDC?

"I recommend this dental practice for being absolutely delightful to deal with, kind, professional and extremely caring, and always going one step beyond!"

"Straight forward, quick, helpful, pricing is reasonable and staff is friendly" 

"I cannot speak more highly of this dental centre - everyone is friendly, welcoming & really knowledgeable. As someone who is afraid of the dentist chair - this experience has alleviated my fears - thank you!"

Preview your dream smile on your own face with a personalised design for only £50 


Composite bonding like SmileFast covers teeth to improve their appearance. This can help with some misalignment issues such as mild crowing and spacing.

Invisalign can correct a wider range of misalignment issues and also improve your bite (how your top and bottom teeth fit together). Once your teeth are straightened we can then improve their shape, colour, size or texture with composite bonding.

It varies from person to person whether they require composite bonding, Invisalign or a combination of the two.

We're happy to discuss with you and assess your teeth to advise you on the best treatment option for you - just book a consult online or give us a call.

Composite bonding can be partial (direct edge bonding) or a full coverage.
They are minimally invasive and require minimal preparation, as they are applied just on top of teeth, and the material can be removed with minimal damage.

Porcelain veneers are slim covers for the whole front surface of teeth. They are more invasive as they need the existing tooth to be filed down before they can be fitted, so the tooth will not have its normal appearance if they are removed.
Both are high quality solutions and require similar care (avoid chewing on hard substances e.g. ice, good oral hygiene and regular check ups).

Porcelain veneers will give the best aesthetic result and depending on how well they are cared for porcelain veneers can last for 10-15 years, compared to composite veneers which can last 5-7 years. However it is much easier and cheaper to repair composite veneers with targeted composite bonding. Whereas damage to a porcelain veneer may need a whole replacement. 

Composite veneers especially SmileFast may also be preferable because they are much cheaper (40-50%), with a faster treatment process that does not damage your teeth.

It comes down to individual preference so we're happy to explain further and give you the information you need to make a decision - just book a consult online or give us call to find out more.

SmileFast composite bonding and composite edge bonding work by a similar principle. In both cases composite resin is applied to teeth to improve their appearance by covering blemishes and/or rebuilding their shape. While SmileFast composite bonding cover a larger area, composite edge bonding can be done to only target minor problems such as small chips and gaps etc.

The main difference between SmileFast and composite edge bonding is the digital design which gives results that are much more predictable and customizable, as you can try your new smile before it arrives. It is also a much faster process, SmileFast can achieve a better result in 1 hour compared to the 2 hours or more it takes to composite bond.

SmileFast is a good solution when there are major changes to tooth shape, size and colour. Edge composite bonding is good way to repair minor imperfections 

SmileFast works out to be from £360 per tooth, compared to prices starting at £275 per tooth for edge bonding. 
We're happy to talk through your options and help you decide - just book a consult online or give us call to find out more

You can read about the treatment process above

Your digital scan and photographs taken in the first appointment are used to make a smile trial in your second appointment which is tried directly on top of your existing teeth. Adjustments can be made at this point if necessary.
Then a digitally printed mould of your new smile is made in time for your fit which allows a high degree of detail to give a natural finish. The mould (with separators between your teeth) is applied and filled with high quality composite resin. The composite is then set and polished, then you can enjoy your new smile.

SmileFast is a great solution for many types of cosmetic issues, here are just some of them:

- Small teeth
- Irregular shaped teeth
- Worn-down teeth
- Spaced teeth
- Chips
- Mildly crowded teeth
- Discoloured teeth
- Acid erosion

You can see what your smile will look like for only £50. Book a consult online or give us call to find out more.

No, there are no hidden costs to SmileFast treatment at LDC. All finance at LDC is exclusive of deposits. Deposits range from £300 for SmileFast to £450 for Invisalign.
The £300 deposit for SmileFast pays for designing your smile (£50) and trialling your smile (£250).

No, but if properly cared for SmileFast composite bonding can last for between 5-7 years and be repaired if required.
You can care for your composite bonding by avoiding chewing on hard substances like ice. You should brush your teeth twice daily, regularly floss, see the dentist & hygienist and have composite conditioning treatment (coming soon to LDC).

Repairs can be done easily and cheaply with targeted composite bonding, compared to porcelain veneers which may require complete replacement. 

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